Music Art Magazine Project

Music Art Magazine has been actively involved in the Art industry since 2016 in a supportive manner towards artists, venues and their audience, through the organization of events such as the collective “Art for Change Festival”, the preservation of the MAG Art Blog and a parallel promotion of artistic work via common social networking channels.

A need to create an online portal, where artists and venues will be presenting their work and activities, but also have the ability to engage in a specialized network that portrays and promotes the Arts, has emerged through the above activity and is becoming more and more urgent.

MAG wishes to bring together cultural carriers and the driving force of culture in an aesthetically pleasing virtual space with the purpose of facilitating its members and the existing market by providing customized services.Finally, MAG wants to create a strong core of human potential, with the help of which it will remodel Art interaction and raise the value of artistic work for the benefit of the artists and the market they represent.

The MAG portal will be supporting artistic expression and its digitization in a way that the works and services of the artists and their supporters are accessible from every corner of the earth, safeguarding the immediate, safe and respectful interaction between its members.